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Our Staff

When you email, call, or visit, you’ll be getting in touch with our team including:

Chang Yen is a Chinese Language Instructor for Chinese Now!, working with adults and particularly our high-level students. Ms. Chang has taught Chinese at the university level in the United States for over twenty years, including at the University of Michigan and George Washington University.  She has also taught classes to the staff of the US Department of Commerce. She was born and raised in Taiwan, where she completed her university studies.  She then taught at the Stanford University Language Center in Taipei, before relocating to the US.  Ms. Chang also works as a broadcaster for Voice of America and resides in Rockville, Maryland. 

Hong Guo (whose English name is Susanna Barratt) is a Chinese Language Instructor for Chinese Now! and was born in Chengdu, China. She majored in and received her bachelor's degree in English Education from Southwest Normal University in Chongqing. Susanna was a top student at the university level. She was awarded scholarships in recognition of her studies, and upon graduation pursued her love of travel through work with Air China and a job with an international adventure tour company. She later moved to Shanghai, where she taught Chinese to American college students at Global Education Alliance. Susanna loves teaching and has worked with children and adults. She is encouraging and patient, but encourages a diligent approach to the study of a challenging but rewarding language. She also loves cooking (and eating!) spicy Sichuan food.

Yu Bo (English name: Maria) is a Chinese language instructor for Chinese Now! She was born in Changchun, Jilin, China. She received her bachelor’s degree in education technology and pedagogical techniques and her master’s degree in education from Jilin Normal University. Yu Bo holds China’s highest Chinese language education certificate, the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from the Confucius Institute Headquarters. She taught Chinese language and culture to foreign students at Central China Normal University. Yu Bo has also worked as a private tutor, teaching foreign students Chinese in person and online. She has helped students of all ages, nationalities, and levels better understand the Chinese language. Yu Bo enjoys teaching Chinese, for it is her belief that language learning allows us to stop being strangers and start being friends.