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Chinese Language Programs for Homeschoolers & Their Families

Chinese language is becoming more and more important, given the rapid changes taking place in China and the implications for the world in which our children will live. Students with Chinese language proficiency see their lives take a different path through their studies. Chinese Now! is very committed to the homeschool families and has been delighted to work in multiple homeschool communities. Homeschoolers have a unique opportunity to pursue the study of Chinese language. Chinese language studies are somewhat more demanding than studies of romance languages. Few public or private schools accord it the place in the curriculum that it requires for real progress in the initial phase of language study, but homeschool families have the flexibility required to adopt academic models that work for children.

Our programs for homeschoolers take the following approach:

• Small classes offer each student personal attention and feedback. 

• Programs are appropriate for home school environment, where parents can help students at home with handouts and supplemental online materials

• Students develop all skills associated with Chinese language, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing characters.

• Chinese Now! also serves the family, offering families of our youth students access to a library of DVD documentaries about China and recommendations regarding activities related to China in the area. Please also ask us about traveling to China if you are interested!

We have the flexibility to structure programs based on your family’s or your homeschool community’s needs but would suggest you consider the following:

• Enrichment Program: This is a once a week, one-hour group class, best offered separately to students aged five to nine or nine to 12. Classes focus principally on simple daily conversations and listening in an active, high-energy environment. Instructors engage students with games, songs, stories and activities. Offered in 12-week sessions. Students may enroll in multiple sessions to build familiarity with the language. Ideal as an enrichment offering for a homeschool community.

• Academic Program: This program is designed for students and families with greater interest in Chinese language. Classes meet two or three times per week, typically for 75 or 90 minutes. Uses curriculum that is specifically designed for American students. Ideally offered as a semi-private or small group class to students from one or more homeschool families.

For more information about Chinese Language Programs for Homeschoolers, please contact us.