Chinese Now!

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Classes for Children

Children are often curious about China beyond the study of the language. The joy that arises in a well-designed Chinese language class for children – with younger students in particular learning language through singing, dancing,  and a highly energetic approach to studies – is apparent to all. 

Course Options

Chinese Now! offers small group, semi-private, and private lesson Chinese language classes for children. Students may join classes once or twice per week depending on their (and families’) often-busy schedules. We encourage studies twice weekly if possible, though students in classes in their schools will benefit a great deal from a once-weekly tutorial. Tuition for classes for children at our school in Bethesda is very reasonable - $40 per hour for a private lesson, or $28 per student per hour for semi-private lessons with two to four students, plus a one-time, $40 registration fee. And families can also learn about China and support their child's studies, with our great list of resources including top documentary films about an amazing country, downloadable here

Summer Programs

During the summers, many families would like their children - especially those enrolled in Chinese programs in their schools - to continue their studies. The "summer slide", when students lose skills gained during the school year, can be especially problematic for students who are making strides in Chinese language!

Note also that Chinese Now! makes charitable contributions to the 100K Strong Foundation of tuition from its programs less instruction and administration costs. The 100K Strong Foundation’s One Million Strong Initiative has set a goal of increasing the number of American K-12 students studying Mandarin five-fold by 2020, an objective that would have a meaningful impact on U.S.-China relations, one student at a time. Learn more about the One Million Strong Initiative here

For a More Intensive Program

Additional private or semi-private lessons may be available at the school, at the tuition rates indicated above, for families that would prefer a more intensive option. Older youth students, students whose families might be considering relocating to China, or students who have completed and enjoyed an initial enrichment class experience may benefit from a more intensive academic program of private or semi-private lessons. Progressively higher-level semi-private lessons (two or three students) may also be a good way to accelerate progress in the language for students whose middle or high schools offer Chinese. Ask us about approaches to programs that suit the student’s age and the student’s and your family’s needs.

It is also worth mentioning that unlike some children’s language programs Chinese Now! focuses specifically on Mandarin Chinese. Chinese, a character-based and tonal language, is different than some other foreign languages, so our focus on Chinese – and how children and youth learn Chinese – help us to structure uniquely engaging programs that provide young students and their families a meaningful experience. And of course your entire family is invited to learn about China and join us for Chinese Now! programs related to Chinese society and culture.

Please feel free to call us for further class schedules and tuition information. Please also feel free to visit or contact us, especially if you would like to design an individual program, such as for home schooled children. 

We look forward to talking to you about your child’s potential Chinese language studies and recommending a program that fits your needs and interests!