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About Us

你好! Welcome!

Chinese Now! teaches Chinese to children and adults, but our purpose – to facilitate a greater understanding of China through its language – is broader.  We encourage students in their focused study of Chinese language, and we find great joy in helping Americans and other international residents of the Washington, DC area take a first or a next step in their study of Mandarin Chinese. The reasons to study Chinese are compelling, and you, or your child, could find that your life and worldview change through the experience. We invite you to consider studying Chinese with Chinese Now!

The Chinese Now! academic model emphasizes a highly interactive approach to small group classes and private lessons. Group classes are small – maximum six students for adults, and maximum eight students for children – reflecting our belief that a low student/teacher ratio is crucial in good language education. Our programs are designed to emphasize students’ actual practice using the words and phrases that they study.

Our approach also reflects the fact that studying Chinese is challenging, requiring a motivating classroom environment as well as support outside the classroom. You may be interested to know that, because studying Chinese is challenging, we do not offer once-weekly Beginner-level classes for adult students. We ask for a greater commitment from our adult students than some schools, but we hope that the returns, in terms of progress in the language as well as appreciation of the culture and context of modern China, far outweigh the additional effort.

One final note: though our students’ backgrounds are varied, we delight in the opportunity to serve our students’ families and the community more generally. A decision to study Chinese often reflects careful consideration. An adult student may be contemplating a move to China; a child’s parents may be thinking about the possibility of taking the family there some day; and a school offering an after-school Chinese enrichment class may be thinking about eventually adding Chinese to the formal curriculum. Whatever your story, Chinese Now! looks forward to serving you – and supporting your improving Chinese language skills and ever-deepening understanding of China! We are committed to all students' success studying Chinese. We even make available a very complete, downloadable list of recommended resources and documentary films and invite you to use the list, no matter where you are in your path to Chinese language proficiency and an understanding of China!

For more information about Chinese Now!, our location at English Now!, a well-established English language school in Bethesda, and our team, or if you have questions regarding our programs, please visit us in Bethesda or see here. We look forward to talking to you about your Chinese language studies.