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About China

Chinese language will deepen your understanding of one of the most remarkable stories of our times: the rapid changes taking place in contemporary China. 

Chinese Now! acknowledges this broader context in its approach to language education and student service. Our students are interested in China for many reasons. Some may need to learn Chinese for professional reasons; some may be moving there; some may have parents who think Chinese a wise investment for the future; some may be families that have Chinese heritage either directly or through adoption. 

Whatever the origin of your interest in China, Chinese Now! comes alongside students to deepen their appreciation of modern China.  We would be very glad to recommend books, documentary films, or web-based resources that will enable you to appreciate the texture of Chinese society, as well as its remarkable modern history. The Chinese Now! lending library of books and DVDs allow parents of students in our children’s classes to learn more about China themselves. There is so much to learn: download our list of recommended resources, including language learning tools, Washington, D.C.-area organizations where you can get involved, and top documentary films on China here!

Chinese Now! also keeps its students and their families abreast of the many public events in the Washington, DC area related to contemporary China and US-China relations, in hopes that our students and their families, colleagues and friends might be able to participate in some of the fascinating dialogue about China taking place in the area.  We also hold events ourselves, often on the occasion of Chinese holidays, to bring our students together to share their interest in China.

Finally, please let us know if you will be traveling to China.  We are not travel agents, but depending on your destination and the purpose of your trip we may be able to offer some informal recommendations that could enhance your journey.  

For more information about Chinese Now! or if you have questions regarding our programs, please feel free to visit or contact us. We look forward to talking to you about your potential Chinese language studies!